Angels and Demons

The most valuable effects of
psychedelics is that it enables an insightful experience. I feel that there is an underlying suspicion in everyone that when they are stripped down to their core there lies some demons that they will no longer be able to cover up. You see, when you are sober you can put up this facade of whatever persona you have created. Under the influence of psychedelics you find that not only are you comprised of these demons that are the building blocks of the "you" but they are intertwined with these angels that you can come to accept as a whole. A strict dichotomy does not have to be created between this removal of fear and happiness. I feel that most people's greatest fear is that they will be forever stuck in these demons, but this is where responsibility comes in. You have already decided what kind of person you are going to be, whether it be good, evil, vindictive, ruthless, whatever. It is through this exploration that you can tap into the "survivor aspect" of yourself. When these demons are attempting to take over and you seem so engulfed in them, another part of you (the angels) level you out, acting as a sort of equilibrium. This validation of the self should be an essential stepping stone in everyone's creation of themselves. When using psychedelics, the whole point is to train yourself to a different kind of perception that can provide valuable information for life instances when you are not under the influences of these drugs. Simply put, the stuff you learn on drugs helps you in situations when you are not on drugs. Bible bangers and other spiritual leaders often say things like, "you should be able to recreate these altered states of mind in a 'natural' way and you don't need drugs to do it." When a similar question was posed to Alexander Shulgin, an advocate of psychedelics, he replied, "This is the equivalent of saying you should never go to a symphony or listen to a recording. You should produce the music yourself and you should not use any other tools besides your own body." Now put that in your pipe and smoke it...